Perseverance pays off





I shore dived Selsey yesterday for the fourth time this year. The sun was out and the conditions were perfect. The bank holiday divers were all back at work and we had the place to ourselves. The tide was still running when we arrived so my cocker spaniel Bruce had plenty of time swimming out to fetch sticks while I noted how much the tide was taking him along the beach. The slack was just about right at 3 hours after HW Selsey Bill and I could count several posts underwater down the breakwater making the viz at least 5 metres.

This isn’t an easy place to film  as the steep shingle beach makes it hard work to get the kit down to the water’s edge but it is worth it for such a good site where you can park within a hundred metres of the beach. There is also a public toilet there so it is really good for facilities.

After 60 minutes in the water without seeing a Cuttlefish I was beginning to think it wasn’t going to happen, especially as the cold had started to creep in and I was losing dexterity with my fingers. Then I curiously followed a lost rope on the seabed and at the end of it was a long lost crab pot with an open top.  In the shelter of the pot was a lone Cuttlefish that seemed unperturbed by my arrival. I think it was probably a female waiting for her man to turn up after selecting a great egg laying site. There were no eggs yet but I do know they really like laying them on the mesh of pots and nets.

She allowed me to get some great closeup shots and even ventured out at one point for a little swim around before going back to the sanctuary of her pot. I hoped to go back today to see if her mate had arrived but unfortunately the forecast of a three foot swell will have killed the viz. I will probably return on the next neaps to see if she laid her eggs there.

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