Shipwreck show reel – uk

The first half of this material is mostly the wreck of the British submarine E49 in Balta Sound, Shetland in 30m of water. We dived this site at 5Am in July 2011 and we were blessed with excellent viz.

The rest of the footage is from various locations around the UK. The ship’s bow in torchlight was filmed off Whitby in 72m of water, the bell revealed the wreck to be the steam trawler OTTER.

The shot looking over my buddy’s shoulder (Colin Bell) is in the Firth of Forth at 56m on the wreck of the British submarine HMS K4. These were steam powered submarines and are they are huge.

Divers swimming past an upturned hull and propellor were on the SS JANE wreck of Fetlar, Shetland, the colourful red spotty Ballan wrasse was also at this site.

The shinny bomb is on a small WW1 coaster wreck off Whitby in 54m. The “bomb” has been identified by the IWM as a 500kg German Luftmine A (LMA) known by the Admiralty as a Parachute Mine Type D it is made of an aluminium alloy and is still live!

The swim over a propellor is on the wreck of the German submarine UB30 in 52m of water off Whitby.

I have a great deal of shipwreck footage in stock particularly off the North Yorkshire Coast.

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