Ruby Studios in Penzance: Lamorna Cove

West Cornwall’s magic continued when we joined Jon and Kate for their dive club BBQ. Lamorna Cove, between Mousehole and Lands End, is famous for its white sand and critters that come to life at night. We chatted to Peninsula BSAC’s friendly divers, dive instructors, and trainees, scoffed a cheeseburger or two, and went diving as darkness fell. Dover sole, cuttlefish, little cuttles, and an injured grey mullet joined us. We loved the little cuttles – a tiny, feisty species of cuttlefish, less than 5cm long. They look so cute when they wallop each other, squirt puff clouds of angry ink, and jet off backwards by a few centimetres.

We surfaced under a starlit sky to find Jon, Kate, and Bruce, our spaniel, on the dark slipway with a torch, a still-warm barbeque, half a dozen sausages, and two cold beers.

Jon and Kate’s magic didn’t stop there. They helped us discover the Minack theatre, carved out of the cliff by Rowena Cade’s vision and determination. They arranged a tour of the AP Valves factory, where our Buddy dive gear was made. We were inspired to learn how AP Valves’ products are imagined, developed, and produced by divers who love diving. It was fascinating to learn how the team developed the breathing apparatus that got James Cameron safely to the Marianas trench (and back).

Thanks for the magic: Jon and Kate Dean, Peninsula BSAC, Mike Etheridge, Terry Fisher, and AP Valves.


Images by Andy, words by Jackie.

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