We’re delighted to share our new short wildlife film with you – ARCTIC CHARR: RELICS OF THE ICE AGE.

Ennerdale’s Arctic Charr attempt to swim upriver to spawn. But the water’s acidic, and nest materials are blocked upstream. This film tells the story of people working together to save one of Britain’s rarest fish from extinction.

Andy was the first person to film Arctic Charr in England, back in 2011.  A couple of months ago, we went back to tell the whole story.  Filmed over three weeks in November 2013, ARCTIC CHARR includes never-before-seen night vision shots of Arctic Charr mating.

This is the first collaboration between SubSeaTV’s Andy Jackson and Jackie Daly, who share a vision to make story-driven wildlife, shipwreck, and underwater films.

We hope you enjoy the film.


Images by Andy, words by Jackie


6 Comments on “Film Release – ARCTIC CHARR: RELICS OF THE ICE AGE.

  1. Really enjoyed watching that – great work guys! Must be a treat to have such beautiful clear water to work with.

    • Thanks Julie. Glad you enjoyed the film 🙂
      Yes, it’s a delight to work with such crystal clear water – if very cold!

  2. Well done to both of you. Excellent filming & narrating. Congratulations. Most impressed.

  3. Congratulations Andy, a very impressive piece of camera work and so worthwhile. All the best. Dave.

    • Thanks Dave, we really enjoyed making it and we’ve had some great feedback. All the best. Andy

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