Tompot blennies under swanage pier

In our last blog, we introduced the superstar Tompot Blenny, so cool he deserves a blog post all of his own. 

As the most inquisitive residents of Swanage pier, Tompots will usually come for a look.  They seem to love underwater video cameras with reflective dome ports where they can admire themselves.  As they tilt their heads to the side, you could almost imagine them saying, “Mirror, mirror, on the wall…”

And who wouldn’t find them beautiful, with those striking lappets, growing like trees from the top of their head?  Or those blubber lips?  Or those large popping eyes?  Somehow, in an ensemble of ugly components, they put it together and make it cute.  Artists, they are.  Superstar artists.

We were lucky enough to witness a feeding frenzy when returning rod and line fishermen dumped a pile of squid bait over the side.  A swarm of tompots descended and it vanished.

Here’s some Tompot Blenny action from last summer under the pier…


Images by Andy, words by Jackie


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