BBC Springwatch – Cuttlefish Feature

BBC Springwatch showed a 5-minute feature of Andy’s cuttlefish footage in May this year.  It’s now up on the BBC website, so if you missed it, or want to see it again, here’s the link.

The story covers the life cycle of these fascinating creatures.  Most filming took place in Spring and Summer 2013, along the south coast of England, between Selsey and Lands End.  Most of the footage included in this BBC film was shot at Babbacombe in Devon.  The intimate mating shots were finally captured in Spring 2014, when Andy grabbed a window of opportunity between plankton blooms and southerly winds to film the key sequence.

Filming cuttlefish was an amazing experience. They are highly intelligent and seem to watch us as much as we watch them.  We felt privileged to be accepted in their midst, to spend so many hours in the water with them, watching spellbound as they behaved so naturally in front of the camera.

We will produce our own short film about cuttlefish later this year, where we will delve into the story around fishing practices and the lack of protection for these incredible undersea creatures.

Link to film


Images by Andy, broadcast by BBC2, words by Jackie

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