The last seahorse in Studland?

We went to Dorset to film seahorses in August. We were planning to tell their life cycle story: seahorse breeding time, courtship displays, and how male seahorses are the ones to give birth.

Unfortunately, after many hours of searching, with the help of local experts, we found just one lonely seahorse: the only seahorse sighted in Studland this year. You may have seen this in the news a few weeks ago.

We also found unrestricted anchoring and destructive mooring systems that tear up the eelgrass beds in the bay.

So we made this film instead, because we believe there is a way to save the seahorses while still having fun on boats. It will take a bit of will – and a bit of money.

Please share our film and help to give Studland’s seahorses a voice and a chance.

Sign up to support Studland being designated a Marine Conservation Zone here:

Images by Andy, words by Jackie

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