Scarborough South Bay: Day to night time-lapse

People say the holy grail of time-lapse photography is the day-to-night sequence. I’ve been working hard to master this technique lately.

Scarborough’s South Bay, a short walk from my home, is a beautiful place to hone my skills.

This sequence was filmed on Sunday 3rd November, between 3:30pm and 5:30pm. It captures the tail end of half term’s bustle; the final rush of tourists for 2014.

I’ve learned that the real essentials of time-lapse photography are: thermal underwear, a warm coat, hat and gloves, a camping chair, a flask of tea, a head lamp, leave the dog at home, and be willing to answer questions from passersby.

I hope you enjoy watching from a warm and cosy spot.


Images and words by Andy

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