Springwatch Easter Special at Bempton RSPB Reserve

The BBC Springwatch team just broadcast a one-night-only Easter special from Bempton RSPB Reserve. It’ll be repeated on Sunday at 9pm, and on iPlayer if you missed it.

There are some wonderful views of the Yorkshire coastline near Flamborough Head, and we get up close to its colonies of gannets, kittiwakes, guillemots, and a passing woodcock sheltering in the lee of the lighthouse.

In the icy North Sea, the lumpy bumpy lumpsuckers are out there breeding in the kelp forest. Some of Andy’s footage has been combined with Michaela’s rock pooling and a hungry seal’s feast to create a short feature on these fascinating fish who will sacrifice themselves to guard their eggs from predators.

Why not join in the Great Spring Watch? Keep an eye out for oak leaves, 7-spot ladybirds, swallows, orange tip butterflies, and hawthorn blossom, then register your finds online.

If you fancy another look at beautiful Flamborough, here’s a cold and windy sunrise over those spectacular cliffs that Andy filmed while on a recent shoot with Nick Wilcox-Brown.


Images by Andy, broadcast by BBC2, words by Jackie.

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