Highland’s Hidden Homes

We’re excited to share a new short film we’ve been working on with the Highland Seashore Biodiversity Project and talented musician and composer, Mairearad Green.

Highland’s Hidden Homes aims to enthuse all age groups about the diversity of life in the shallow waters of the Highlands. It’s colourful and captivating with a vibrant musical score. We built the narrative around the theme of Scottish hospitality, exploring which sort of homes – and welcomes – we might find underwater.

The film premièred at the Summer Isles festival in Coigach on 29th August; there was “standing room only and a big round of applause”, said Janet Ullman, Highland Seashore Project Coordinator.

It’s been a privilege for SubSeaTV to be part of this project, giving people a glimpse of the underwater world that we love so much.

We hope you enjoy the film!


Images by Andy, words by Jackie

With thanks to our partners: The Highland Seashore Biodiversity Project, Mairearad Green, Scottish Natural Heritage, The Highland Council, The Heritage Lottery Fund, and The Crown Estates.

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