Spring Seals in the Farnes

This weekend, I joined a Scarborough Sub Aqua Club trip to dive with grey seals at the Farne Isles. The skipper of Glad Tiding VII took us to Crumstone where our playmates were waiting.

I decided to film on top of the reef where light would be plentiful and breaking waves would form a wild and lovely backdrop to my images. The seals quickly accepted me, playing and prancing in front of the camera.

This sequence was filmed at a high frame rate to slow everything down. I hope you enjoy watching the seals play pass-the-seaweed and make-the-cameraman-dizzy.

It was a wonderful yet challenging dive. Watching on screen, you have the benefit of slow motion. In real time, the waves bobbed me up and down, the sea weed swayed in the current, and after I’d spun a few times the seals definitely won the dizzy game!


Images and words by Andy


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