Moon Jellyfish – Loch Shieldaig

I’m just home after a ten-day diving adventure along the west coast of Scotland. I was onboard the fantastic MV Cricklade from Oban to Ullapool and back. At the end of day 3, we dropped anchor in Loch Shieldaig to go ashore for dinner.

I watched the anchor break the glassy surface and noticed hundreds of moon jellyfish drifting past. A few minutes later I was back in my drysuit, slipping into the water again.

I swam through the jellyfish soup, beautiful shots in every direction as the light faded. The way the sun shone through their bodies, their graceful pulsating movement, the vast numbers around me, and the subtle colours made this a magical moment I’d love to share with you.

Thanks to everyone on MV Cricklade and in particular Mally and Keith for delaying their dinner to help me.


Images and words by Andy



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