The Fantastic Sea Mouse

I first filmed sea mice ten years ago. They’re fascinating creatures. Covered in brightly coloured spines, they sparkle like rainbows as they wriggle along the sea floor.

I filmed them again last year in UHD at Loch Fyne and captured their incredible colours with a 5 x macro lens.

So I was delighted when the BBC One Show team decided to make a film about Sea Mice. I’d been reading about the significance of their colourful spines –  watch the film to find out just how magnificent they are!

The team shown on the TX card pulled it all together with help from Dr Andrew Parker and  to make an intriguing story I’m delighted to have played my part in.

Thanks to Malcolm Goodchild of Loch Fyne Dive Charters for all his help in getting the footage that made this feature possible.


Words by Andy

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