Yorkshire: A Year in the Wild

One of my favourite bits of UK coastline is Ravenscar on the southern cheek of Robin Hood’s Bay. It’s been a special place for me since I was a teenager. I always feel connected and content there, and I know the terrain like the back of my hand. Over the years, I’ve spent many happy hours there, often without seeing another soul. I’ve shot a lot of film around there, topside and underwater. One of my favourite Ravenscar subjects is its burgeoning Grey Seal colony, which I’ve watched grow from a handful to hundreds of animals.

Imagine my joy when a production company took an interest in the Grey Seal material I’d shot, wanted to buy some and commissioned me to shoot more. I loved every minute of this shoot. Thanks to Duncan Chard of Tigress Productions for giving me the opportunity. This is the first topside natural history story I’ve filmed for broadcast.

The seals feature in Episodes 3 and 4 – Autumn and Winter. They go out on Tuesday 4th and 11th April at 9PM on Channel 5. Settle down with a glass of wine and come to Ravenscar with me to see what happens above and below the water when no one else is around.

Special thanks to Zoe Frank, Park Ranger, National Trust and The Raven Hall Hotel for all their help.

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Words by Andy

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