Sligneach Mor – Loch Sunart

Every now and then, a joyous diving experience is born from the most unlikely circumstances.

After dreadful weather tossed us around on the open sea, Cricklade took shelter in Salen, Loch Sunart. Our dive plans were bust. I contacted George Brown, seeking last minute recommendations to save my filming trip. And boy, did George come up trumps.

Below the waters around Sligneach Mor, a small island on Loch Sunart’s north side, a steep rocky habitat is fed by a tidal stream. It is home to a number of priority marine features (PMFs) and it is fantastically photogenic. I would have been happy to spend a week filming the treasures in this dive site. I’ve edited some highlights into a short reel for you. Music is by Moby, courtesy of Moby Gratis. Album “Hotel Ambient”, track “The Come Down”.

With thanks to the Cricklade crew, George Brown, and the bloody awful weather for helping me find this very special dive site.


Words by Andy

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