Cuttlefish buddy

In August we towed our 2-berth caravan to Cornwall and spent several days shore diving at a favourite site near Newlyn. I filmed cuttlefish at this site in 2014 and it was great to see similar numbers this year. I spent a long time hanging back from a small group, letting them get used to me. Eventually a female came over. Once she’d sussed me out, she accepted my presence and went about her normal cuttlefish day. I have deliberately not edited this footage; it’s a 20-minute magical encounter, end to end, with lots of different behaviour.

If you’re short on time or attention, give this one a miss or pop back later…

But if you’re interested in experiencing a real-time dive with an intelligent cephalopod, grab a cuppa and settle in. I think you’ll find this fascinating.


Words by Andy

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