Ruby Studios in Babbacombe Bay

It was early August and our short film, The Cuttlefish Story, was coming along nicely. But we needed more footage. Spring mating behaviour was in the can. The time had come to film newly-hatched babies.

We had a few other filming jobs and events on the south coast so decided to have a five-week expedition. We bought Ruby Studios, a two-berth caravan, and took off for Devon, Cornwall, London, and Dorset. This is the first blog in Ruby Studios’ summer series.

The first few days were filled with challenges: a leaking camera housing; a whole afternoon polishing scratches off the dome port; a leaking drysuit and cold, soggy dives; and learning how to share Ruby Studios with a boisterous spaniel.

We persevered, repaired our kit, and the sea gave up her treasures. Eagle-eyed Jackie, chief spotter and screenwriter for SubSeaTV, found our first cuttlefish baby in open water: 12mm long, a born master of camouflage, no bigger than your thumbnail.

A freediver silhouetted against the sun, fighting crabs, photogenic Tompot blennies, and half-grown cuttlefish posing for the camera; they all take second billing behind the young star born just before this short clip was filmed.

Thank you, Babbacombe. Next stop, Cornwall.


Images by Andy, words by Jackie.

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    • Thanks Mike, we look forward to coming back in the spring to film some more mating behaviour. All the best Andy & Jackie.

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